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Originally Posted by joexr View Post
Downshifted to the right gear. MOST people can't judge gear to speed well. You may not want to be down to first when you let the clutch out. Most bikes are capable of skipping the back wheel on abrupt downshifts or over downshifts if they don't have a back torque limiting clutch. Not a problem on dirt , asphalt's another story. Dirt you can instantly drop several gears and dump the clutch , the wheel just hops. On asphalt I downshift one gear at a time and release/dump the clutch , downshifting as quickly as possible. Sometimes you DO have to get out of the way after quickly stopping for a pullout or the guy behind you'll run you down.

Only works if you have time to downshift and release. In an emergency situation there may not be time. If there is you aren't using the brakes effectively. Think about it.

Can you downshift three or four gears engaging the clutch - all within 60 feet? That's what threshold braking level would be at 30 mph. Oh, by the way the bike is going 44 ft/sec at 30 mph, you have to stop within less than 2 seconds. So even if you did 90 feet it would still be less than 2.5 seconds time.

How are you going to downshift to aid braking to a stop from 30 mph in less than 2.5 seconds?

Downshift yes, engage clutch for braking - no time to do so.
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