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Originally Posted by JohnCW View Post
Sort of a chicken - egg situation. How do they get situational awareness without actual situations making real the need to have situational awareness. While that experience may be an expensive trip to the panel shop in a car, it may be the hospital or worse on a bike.

Dunno the answer.

I started teaching my kids SA as soon as they could see out the windows of a car. Put lots of miles on with them in the car, and instead of punch bug of find the license plate games, it was more like a game show, I would quiz, where did that car come from? What potential hazards do you see ahead? If I slowed down when I saw something, asking them what THEY saw?

Worked well, all grew up to be excellent riders/drivers. My middle son to this day amazes me with his ability to see deer along side the road. And his only accident in 16 years of driving was a minor slide off a slippery road, that only damaged his perfect record.
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