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I can't vouch for the poster, but just a heads up. YMMV......

"***To all converted street legal enduro wr450 xr650 crf450 buyers*** (All California)
This is a heads up to anyone potentially buying a dirt bike converted to street legal in this great state of California.

I recently purchased two street legal converted dirt bikes A 2006 CRF450X and a 2005 WR450F. Went to transfer title at DMV and they informed me that they have changed their policy on converted bikes and forced me to take them both to Brake and lamp inspections (120$ each bike) and to highway potrol which in turn deemed them unable to be able to be on the street due to the fact that the factory emissions sticker does not comply with on highway and off road use. Also the factory build sticker must state on Highway and off road use. Even though they both had green stickers and current plates. DMV said they sent out let's last year to all the owners of converted bikes to bring them in for their inspections (removal of the plate)

Now I'm out all that money and they reclaim the plates.

So please keep that in mind when buying a converted ti street legal honda xr650 xr600 yamaha wr450f wr450 wr250 crf450r crf450x crf xr wr 450 etc. "
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