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Jimmy - Thanks for letting us know how it's working. Hopefully you are using it somewhat during your latest class. That same charger I told you about was able to recharge my iphone after being connected for 24 hours! I'm guessing 3A on the Amazon add really means 0.3 amps....

AntiPaul - What USB setup are you using? Where did you source it?

Mex -

1) Right now the zeroing is only available from the touch screen. You have to go the the edit screen to zero. However:
- we are testing a "swipe" to zero
- it is possible we could add a "hold" on the minus arrow and if it were held for 5 seconds it could reset. We could create this and test it if that is what you are looking for. I'm just afraid of random resets...nothing is more frustrating during and event than your odo going to zero...ask me how I know :)

2) There are two easy ways to solve the case situation.
- Email AntiPaul from here on ADV or email him on his website He has the crazy cool case shown a near the top of this page. I don't think it is an official production unit, but you may be able to work something out.
- The easy route --- buy an Otterbox, Lifecase or equivalent heavy duty case and mount it in the RAM X-Grip holder with a rubber band giving one of he grips and extra "squeeze". Yes, with this setup the USB power could be a source for water to get to the phone, but with a little ingenuity it will be waterproof unless you dunk it in a river.
- I don't know. I made a prototype bluetooth switch shown a few pages back that works perfectly, but I'm stumped trying to make it something that could be sold. I'm also working on a switch that will plug to the dock and power as well, but it is slow going. If anyone has some Arduino experience and would like to help, I'd readily accept the help. So you have 4 real choices:
A) No switch - adjust odo via vol buttons or touch
B) Hacked vol control - use headset plugged into 3.5mm jack and glue or double sided tape the stock switch next to your other odo switch (I used this for the Baja Rally and it worked perfectly)
C) Hacked bluetooth control - a few pages back I showed the bluetooth control I hacked with a lead to match the ICO (or other) switch. I potted the hack with silicone and it is not pretty, but works perfectly
D) Use handlbar mounted remote control. The volume controls on something like this remote will work perfectly to adjust the odo.

Sorry about the long answers....
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