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Originally Posted by steelerider View Post
Ask your buddy "what's up with all the Harley riders dressing up like pirates?"

*ducks behind wall*
Well my Harley riding buddy doesn't really care what I ride or wear but it was some guy he knew that we were riding with. Of course I always think of something clever I could have said after the fact.

Originally Posted by wanderlost View Post
I have a hi viz darien which I still wear when I want a Darien jacket, but mostly wear a black road crafter with yellow ballistics. Lstely I have personally found my eye noticing Hi Viz helmets, maybe because they sit about the roofline of cars, or because they are moving as people turn their heads.

I think my next helmet will be Hi Viz and I'll get whatever jacket I want. That way when off the bike I don't look like a fireman wannabe or a spacemen, but MAY catch some extra attention on the road.

I bought a Schuberth helmet this summer and couldn't really think of a good reason not to get the hi-viz so that's what I got. I would like to think since it's higher up and not behind the windshield and the like it might help.
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