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Originally Posted by Qaz View Post
I posted this in "some assembly required" because it seemed to fit that heading best in my mind. It was moved to this location and from the thread, I am not so sure that this is the right place, but what do I know?
I originally thought the replies would be a discussion on what is the right size gas tank, engine displacement, shaft or chain, windshield or small fairing, ect..... Instead, it went another direction (X bike + a,b,c,d, components), which is alright. I have my own ideas what would make the ideal ADV bike, which is based on the bikes I have ridden in the past and my yearly mileage since 1970. I had a low of 10,000 miles the first year to a six year run of 44,000+ miles a year, but even to this day, I am a steady 25,000 mile a year rider. I have never commuted on a motorcycle. The miles were all ridden on the weekend and vacation. That means I have had a lot of saddle time to think about likes and dislikes and what could be improved.
There is another thread on tank size elsewhere and bigger is better seems to be the general concensus. What about engine layout? Twins are popular, the big GS specifically, but you could easily fit a narrow four in the space of a horizontally opposed twin. Triumphs Tiger triple is capitalizeing on that, but is it better than the twin? This is the direction I thought the thread would go.
I hear you.

Yet, the issue is in the word "adventure"; and what that means to each of us, individualists.

You envision an adventure that places demands on the machine; if not entirely dependent of the machine.
To many adventure is what happens on the road, in whatever way it comes. The machine, not so important. Wind in the hair and all that, you know... It suffices to be a twowheeler.
Check out Ride Reports and see that the reports with a huge following feature a wide array of motorcycles. Many of these might be considered absolutely unsuited for "adventure"...

So, indeed. This thread may attract a wide array of replies.
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