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Originally Posted by wizze View Post
I would say non believer... IMO opinion hi viz is equal to revving your engine at a stop light. But what do I know...

Wait, what ?

Someone wearing bright gear to PASSIVELY increase their chances to go home to their family is the SAME THING as somebody actively making a racket while stationary to attract attention like a precocious child ?


Your choice:

1) Somebody with open pipes racks the tach outside your open bedroom window for 5 minutes at random every hour all night long
2) A guy with fluorescent clothing rides around the block every half hour on a stock BMW.

One can be overcome by averting your eyes, the other inspires hatred toward all motorcyclists - and you don't see a difference ? really ?

For the record, I don't own any Hi-Viz gear, but your statement is one of the sillier things I've read in awhile.
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