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Originally Posted by Dusty1013 View Post
I wear hi-viz and think it helps with people seeing me. So are you a hi-viz believer or think it doesn't matter or is very low on the cool factor?
Australian Post Office riders wear full hi-viz jackets, white helmet, vi-viz on their saddle bags, and a pole with a small hi-viz flag. High-viz pants in the rain. I live near a post office distribution center, so ever morning I pass them coming up the road toward me as they head out to their various runs. You can see them clear as day about a mile down the road coming toward you. Far more noticeable that the average rider wearing black.

In contrast the typical courier rider wears a construction type vest, looks like it hasn't been washed in 20 years, open at the front and flapping vertical behind them in the wind. Probably satisfies their employment conditions that they must wear one, but doesn't look like it makes one scrap of difference.

So to me it's not a question of hi-viz v's non high-vis. Both above examples are hi-viz but quite different in effectiveness. It's about what (bike and gear) is effective in improving your front on visibility. A white leather jacket is going to be far more effective than a black jacket with a couple of small hi-viz stripes. Someone riding a yellow full faring bike etc....
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