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Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
Also important...You look like a cop in that getup on that bike....with cop brakes, cop motor, cop suspension...

... and cop mustache! It's definately the mustache that gets the attention!

I have to agree with DC2wheels' experience. I spent a day following another rider wearing hi-viz and was also impressed. He stood out from the background even as he passed in and out of sunny and deeply shaded areas. His black bike practically disappeared from underneath him in the shadows.

I purchased a hi-vis vest after that. Cheap disposable highway worker model with reflective 2" stripes. I wear it over other gear I already have, like SheSaid. When it fades I will toss it and buy another.

It looks stupid. I feel stupid. I feel like an adult version of that hall pass 'safety guard' dork who I hated in grade school. I switched to a full face helmet and dark shades to hide my identity.

My mustache is still visable!

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