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Day 4

Wilmington, N.C.

Window of opportunity was open to ride deeper into Dixie.

I did not sleep well knowing that I had a cold day of riding. It was 24 degress F in Wilmington, and still below 30 F when I pushed off around 0930.

I was on the north side of town, so I got on the 17 south/I-140 to make for good time. Too bad I did not pack my heavy Spartan riding gloves. Man, if felt like I was kind of putting my hands in ice water. Just south of town I stopped and picked up some hunter gloves (two pairs). It rain me just below $10, so I did not like that, but the gloves were worth it.

I was shivering quite a bit. I had my joe rocket gear, but only shorts on underneath. After stopping and getting off the bike, when I got back on I would shiver a lot. I was doing some good isometric contractions to prevent this.

I stopped again at the S.C. visitor center, and ate/hydrated, and picked up a S.C. map. The DR was barley giving off any heat on its oil/air cooled engine. My feet were even getting really cold. It was much warmer by the time I left just afternoon.

I went on the 31 to go around Mrytle Beach.

I had a miss q getting back on the 17, but was good all the way to my next stop, Georgetown. I put in 2.3 gallons ($7.56), and ate and hydrated. I got there at about 1318 and left at about 1350. I had done about 131 miles so far.

From then on out I was pushing hard, and barley drank or ate any thing.

I took the by-pass at Charleston, but got off too early. It took me a while to find the 17. I did not have a gps garmin device, but just my map and notes from google maps.

My next exchange was going to be highway 21. Easy to remember seeing how it was a Wood Brothers car.
It took a while to get there, so I pulled over at Jacksonboro to fuel up {16:36/ 1.8 gallons/ $5.77}
The map says I was still a good ways away. Blast. I had 240 miles down. by now it was well into the low 50s and perfect riding conditions.

Once I got on the 21, things started to get better. I had to guess on the 170, because I thought it ran north and south, but it was east west. The DR helped me out by changing lanes at the light while traffic was still. Within a few hundred meters I saw my first of just two Bluffton signs. 25 miles to go.

The last hour of the trip was the best (much better than super cold Wilmington), the views going over the 170 was great. It was about 20 mins from twilight.
I had to go into Jasper county for a minute, but the small bridge that takes you back into Beaufort County is really scenic. One has arrived into swamp country for sure.

For good measure, I made one more mistake. I went the wrong way on the 278, has I was hitting the ramp, I noticed the 2nd Bluffton sign, so at the next light I turned around and soon after pulled off into my contacts neighborhood. It was about 1800. I had done 300 miles.
Once again, this was just a tarmac day with no pics or talking with anyone. I saw a few other riders out, but none on Dualsports.
It was good to get at this base camp. I dropped some latitude once more, and had good folk to stay with.
Furthermore, another cold front was coming in.
Tarmac: 300 miles
Off road: 0 miles
Total miles: 300 miles.
Total cost: $22.77
Total miles/tour: 650
Total cost/tour: $226
count: 4

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