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I cannot find a reason that I should dress the same color as road and shadow.

I have looked up the road past the cars in front of me and NOT seen the motorcyclists dressed in all black and gray. They're the same color as pavement and shadow and not big enough to blot out the light as a tractor-trailer rig might.

I ride in thick fog where bright colored cars are visible far earlier than gray and tan. I ride in the rain fairly often.

I choose to wear a yellow Aerostich jacket which was "hi-viz" when they introduced it, but isn't near as bright as more recent introductions. It is not magic. It may help some drivers see me. It may not.

Other riders, or cagers, may not understand my reasoning. That misunderstanding is not limited to the color of my jacket but extends to why I ride or why I ride the motorcycles that I do. Their understanding or lack of understanding is not something I can fix.
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