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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
High-viz is good for helping drivers who are paying attention see you sooner, but shouldn't be considered helpful attracting the attention of those who aren't.

So no, I don't consider it an effective safety device.
I agree,if high-viz gear is making you trust a car driver even a little bit,throw the high-viz in the dumpster. Car drivers are out to kill you 100% of the time,this may not be true but if you want to last long you gotta ride that way.

I had a hi-viz jacket briefly and could not force myself to put the thing on much,and if worn much it fades,becomes bug/dirt stained and until its not really hi-viz anymore. But is as ugly/grubby a piece of clothing as can be bought.
I guess looks matter some. Target fixation is also a proven thing,some cage drivers fixate on bright objects and drive straight into them,maybe camo is better.
Some bikes around at times
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