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Thanks all for the vote of confidence, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. I'll be sure to read the suggested trip reports. There is a lot of good, no, great information on here.

My first street bike was a 1974 CB 750. damn good bike, and it'll off road some too
I've taken mine off road a bit too, and who says CB's can't have knobbies, right!!

Peter and Kay Forwood rode through every country in the world on a Harley Electraglide so I think you'd be fine on a standard. Unless you're trying to ride on dirt roads, 90% of your miles are going to be on pavement so 90% of the time you'll be glad your on a cb 750 and not a dual sport. Of course that other 10% of the time you might really really wish you were on a dual sport.
This is why I asked, most pictures are on paved roads and a few on hard packed (what we call) "gravel" roads. Detours on washouts and that seem to be packed down enough from heavy traffic. Mud is just part of the adventure.

The only problem I could anticipate is sourcing spare parts if you has an out of the ordinary problem. However you better than anyone else would know how hard parts are to get. Take a selection of things likely to go wrong, but that's no different for even a new bike.

The CB750 is as comfortable a bike as any. I'd fit a large universal screen like the quick removal version of the National Cycle Deflector Screen, makes all the difference over the long miles.
Yes, clutch cable broke on me once last year and I was 800 miles from home. Camped out for a day before a farmer stopped and helped. He had a spare cable for a smaller honda that we made work on mine. I ended up finishing the season on that cable.

I have a small fairing, luggage rack and a crash bar that I intend on using. The fairing is small but helps a lot, might invest in the National Cycles screen, its slightly taller.
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