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Originally Posted by andykeck View Post
I would also suspect that this rider had a problem with his outside arm fighting what his inside arm is doing. I don't know if it's a psychological thing or simply natural muscle tension, but my riding got so much better when I started to concentrate on keeping my outside arm 'loose' while turning. It was like getting an all-new, much sportier bike when I learned that trick.
Airplane pilots are subject to a similar phenomenon when they get disoriented, sometimes called the "Giant Hand" phenomenon. They describe a feeling like a giant hand is opposing their intended control inputs.

This is one of the things that can happen to motorcyclists who suddenly find themselves far outside their experience. Our monkey brains aren't born with the equipment to respond correctly to the unnatural or artificial sensory inputs of motorcycling. Unless a rider has deliberately learned and practiced the correct reactions, our built-in monkey reflexes (bodily reactions to "falling", flinching away from perceived danger, visually fixating on danger, etc.) will take over.

For the complete explanation, look up the term "survival reactions" in the "Twist of the Wrist" books from Keith Code.
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