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Practicing counter steering,the only way a bike turns is counter steering.
Not exactly. Countersteering is the way to handle the centrifugal forces of the turn. The bike doesn't have to lean to turn, but it must lean to handle the centrifugal force.

The poor alternative is for the rider to shift body weight to the inside of the turn direction to handle limited centrifugal force (not hanging off, but an unconscious shoulder lean), then steer the bike around the turn. This works but is very limiting. This is one good reason why, "the bike can't make the turn." This is one case where the arms are trying to wrestle the bike around the turn, and it just won't go and maintain balance.

A less poor alternative is to do the usual hidden countersteer where upper body movements push the arms for a secret countersteer--which the rider vehemently denies, 'cuz everybody knows you can't turn left by steering right!

And, of course, the correct way where the bike is steered the "wrong" way to make it lean, then the front wheel drops into the turn to actually get the bike turning for the curve--after the bike is steered right for a left turn and leans to the left, the front wheel turns to the left to make the turn. It is so empowering to feel for the first time tightening the turn radius by pushing forward on the inside grip.
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