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Originally Posted by Alcanfinforo View Post
How tall are you? I'm 6'4" and put taller handlebars . . .
I'm 5'9" with slightly longer legs and arms and shorter torso. I put on shorter bars for a slightly sporty posture. I ride without windshields so I need forward lean.
Originally Posted by Alcanfinforo View Post
Gas range is also a concern, thinking about changing up the gears to get better range, and take a spare gas can. Current conservative riding gets me 170-200 miles on one tank.
The only way I know to get good economy from this engine is to slow down. The coefficient of drag is so bad that I'm not sure that revs are significant. Give it a try, though. Perhaps your small fairing will help and perhaps my big bags hurt my mileage. I made those bags for a large synthetic sleeping bag on a short bike which means they stick out a bit.
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