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Originally Posted by Gorilla King View Post

anyone who thinks their personal safety is dependent on someone else seeing them and giving a shit has already blown it.
I don't think it's "DEPENDANT" but it's just another means for those that so desire to increase their odds... which it does.

can't imagine how anybody reasons or argues it doesn't increase the safety factor to some degree.

but like I said... I choose to live otherwise.

Originally Posted by Jayrod1318 View Post
I say bullshit on anyone that thinks it don't help.

Think about the camouflage effect of a a black or grey car, 12% more likely to be in an accident.

The latest craze is to be all murdered out and no flashy colors...

Hi viz works, but so does white, its ALL ABOUT CONTRAST.

My next helmet will be solid white.
yea... idk about this. I trust white is better than grey or black, but not as good as bright orange, yellow or neon colors. (that stand out from nature or aren't in natures "warning" hues. read: yellow/orange)

I know for an absolute fact you can and will spot a bright yellow vehicle from miles away on a long freeway stretchin comparison to a white one (say when you are going down a slight grade then the freeway goes up a slight grade on the opposite side of a valley. we have a bit of this in socal)

this is an absolute. so while I read those advocates of white stating it's about contrast... there's a whole lot of that out there and natures warning colors still stand out more.

that fact understood a white helmet is better than a grey or black one. (no way as good as all dressed out in hi-viz)

I would consider owning a white helmet with some dress up graphics of sort. thinking my next will be the C3 pro in North American graphics for instance.

it this makes me more visible.... then okie dokie. wouldn't be my main reason behind buying it.
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