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Originally Posted by LostViking View Post
I have to tell ya, if I have to spend $290K for a house. When you guys come to visit I will be the guy in the Yurt.

Personality Test - 50/50 Shot,
It seems telling the truth is no longer a valuable trait.

How are the taxes out there?

if you move out here i'll be making friends,, sounds like we'd get along perfectly.

i aint spending 290k for a house,,,, i'd have a real hard time justifying much more than about 120k. i'd rather spend money on playing and travel than a mortgage.

and the bit about the personality test,,, no shit, i was apparently too honest to work for the city when i went through and aced all the other tests they had for a position i wanted.

but i also think it had something to do with too many white guys and not enough "minorities" and maybe i was just the odd man out to hire a minority even if he was less qualified, read about that all the time.
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