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47. Working With O.X.'s

It’s been a couple weeks now in Antigua working with O.X. Excursions while I wait for a package to come in.

The days go by at a decent pace as I bide my time tagging along on work for O.X., while I also try to keep my liver in good shape for the hoards that come in to the hostel. Some of these people got serious drinking abilities and they all come to play. People show up, go on our volcano or mt. bike adventures, return the next day excited they are still alive, and want to party there pants off at the hostel. They then leave dead the following day for their next destination. The cycle repeats. Beer seems like water now. Whiskey is $7 for a liter. You get the picture.

Here’s some pictures of the joint. Had my fair share of ass-whoopin’s on this table. I am not a ping-pong athlete by any definition...

Our policy is to keep the vibe going at all times, so music is pumped through the place most of the day. We work hard to be the instigators of 'fun'. Happy Hour starts at 5 and we only offer one thing, and that thing is FREE BEER.

The people on staff are all outdoorsy-extreme-sports type people, with Victor (the owner) being at the peak of it’s scale, interesting guy to work for. The motto of “The mountains are my church” is written on the staff shirts, the general idea of ‘you only live once, soak every heart pumping adrenaline full minute of it in’ seems to be an idea I can get behind. A painting of Bruce Lee on one of the dorm walls fills any newly arrived guests in on the way we like to do things here.

We did a hike, zip-line, mountain bike combo-tour two days ago with 24 people.

Chuck Norris quotes and punishment by round-house kicks are popular.

When not working I’m trying to explore the area a bit more. Got a leaker while not paying attention to the cobbled roads the other day.

As I wait patiently to be on the road again I attempt to quell my ever increasing build-up of energy. I’m hardly riding right now and it DEFINITELY has an effect on my restlessness and growing need for action . Does not riding really affect me this much? What am I 12? I seem to have become accustom to the excitement of the road, not being on it makes me have to fight hard to not see stationary daily life as monochromatic. That deep, stomach-based buzz, that welling of excitement which one gets every time they start their bike and head down the road towards places and things unknown is a hard drug to match. In the mean-time, I try to touch, smell, and be in the general presence of my dirty queen whenever possible. During the day she’s happily parked outside the office where I can see and ogle at her.

I snapped my choke cable the other day and discovered the systemic flaw in the way that I have been routing the cable. It was creating a pinch point which made the cable wear through faster than normal. Now that it has broken for the second time in 20k miles I’m done fucking around with the handlebar mount for it. I cut the cable about 1ft outside of the carb, unraveled the metal shroud and exposed the pull cable. I took the screw clamp from my spare clutch cable and clamped it to the end so I can grab the cable and pull the choke out to start the bike. Should have done this a long time ago. Should be near impossible to break now.

Found some Motul full synthetic oil so I did an oil change as well yesterday. I’ve been spending so little money here per day that when I purchased 3 liters of some of the nicest oil that money can buy around here, I almost shat my pants at the cost - Q393 ($45-50). Good stuff though, and I gotta get the girl something nice every once in a while.


I change my filters every other change and it was time to pull the old one on this swap.

Went to pull the oil return valve out of the center of the filter and encountered an odd site.

It wasn’t there!

I’m pretty good at NOT throwing that away when I change filters, as I know it’s a common mistake for people to make. Looks like I forgot to not do this the last time though. Where was I the last time I changed filters? Baja?? Hmm, whelp, that valve is what allows my oil to pass through the filter so I guess I’ve been running for however many thousand miles without filtering my oil. Woops, sorry girl! No abnormal amounts of metal flake where on the drain plug magnet though so all seems fine. The part number is the same for many kawasaki vehicles, even some of their ATV’s, so I called around and was able to find a store with one in stock in Guatemala City. Monday I’ll swing by there and pick it up. 180Q ($20) instead of $13 in the US, so not much difference in cost. Now I have an excuse to go for a ride .

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