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From what I hear, Arizona is a low tax state, and Coconino is a low tax county. And New York is a high tax state. So you may find that in your favor.

$100K of housing money will get you a doublewide thirty miles from town, or maybe not. And thirty miles out is bleak, in most directions. Anything under $250K needs 50K of rehab.... rent seems to be $800, less if you room-mate or go for the student studio. Quite a few folks seem to live in the woods playing hide-and-seek with the the constabulary, but you know, that's work too...

Work: if you have a CDL, or if you can mig and tig, come on out. Otherwise, think about a visit in April-May-June. If you can stand it then, find the job....
I've always heard work is really scarce in upstate NY. It's thin here, but probably not that thin....
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