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I will never forget the first time I deployed KC's Rule #1 under significant duress.

I was out on the Autobahn, A40 west of Duiisburg where there are some awesome interchanges, and I was playing around on the GS just goofing off. gErman cloverleafs are tight and wiggly, not long sweepers like in the US. I was in my own head and got caught not paying attention to the road. A tight right hander that came up like that.

I'd read Twist 1&2 and was working on countersteering and not being afraid to gas it out for a while, but never had to face reality like this time. I'd also typed out the SRs and the rules and taped them to my tank.

I saw the corner of the paper out of my eye and it clicked. I looked up, pushed the inside bar, and started to gently roll on the throttle. Not only did I come through the turn on a decent line, I scraped my right peg in the process.

I rode home with a bit more attention, all the while screaming in my helmet "it works! It really works!"

Then I did a track day on a little vintage Honda 175. Holy crap. Any upper body tension, and that thing was not going anywhere. Relax and it was like I only had to think about where I wanted to go, and it was there.

My gut feeling is that "the bike wouldn't turn" requires a mechanical issue to be truly accurate. Otherwise, it's the rider. I know, because I've been that rider.
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