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I don't need a lot of space. I will look for something like this. Off the grid is fine, actually preferred.

For Sale:
2200 W Raney Rd, Ash Fork AZ 86320
2 bd / 2 ba / 836 sqft
See it on Trulia.

Having lived in several different places. I have come to the conclusion every state finds some creative ways to extract money from it's residents. Most of New York is a high tax state. Not as much up here where I live.

I have roughly a 1000sqft house here with a detached garage and tool shed on about 8 acres. Not overly fancy. But It works for me,

It is tucked neatly in the woods, on a quiet dead end road, with only one neighbor in sight and that is only in the winter, when the leaves are off,

And it has something no house should be without, complete with both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Total combined school and property taxes are just under $1,800.00 Electric is cheap, fuel/gas is high, and they seem to pick your pockets in other more subtle ways.

I don't own a television or a cell phone, so I save some on that end. I don't smoke and I rarely go to bars. So more money stays home.

I live pretty simply by choice. I am into bushcrafting, and self reliance,

I would rather spend my time outdoors. As time goes by, I look to relearn the ways of the past.

I will miss this. The Adirondack Park is a great place for the canoe,

I live in the playground of Nessmuk and French Louie!

I looked on Best Place's relocation calculator. And Flag comes in higher than here. For reference I used Malone, N.Y. The closest real town to me.

I have a CDL-A and can weld pretty well. At least with low hydrogen stick(7018) or GP Rod(6013). Wire feed I never messed with. Mostly welded on things like excavator booms and dozer blades and skidder hitches. I can weld overhead, and vertical.

That being said, that is not the job I am looking for. I can also run that stuff with some modicum of efficiency. I actually dug Dan Rather's foundation in a place called Turnwood in the Beaverkill Valley of NewnYork. Did earthwork for Deano Bradlee, the son of Ben Bradlee, and many other so called celebrities. I can actually claim that I had Miss Australia on my lap, in my D-6R. No small feat I might add.

But I tired of consoling the rich folks, and moved on. I coulld be talked into getting back into dirt work. I like the legacy it leaves after you are gone. But at the moment that is not the direction I am looking towards.

Not wanting to jinx my chances so not talking about the job much yet. Plus competition for it is already high enough.

I am job driven, not wanting to move first and then look for work. I find I make bad decisions when I am hungry and broke. And you can burn through a lot of money fast with no job. Plus I do not like to admit I failed in my objectives.

This in it's early stage. They seem to like me. But there are many steps to be taken as I mentioned above. In todays world you navigate through a series of HR folks fresh out of college with a newly minted degree that can control your destiny. Many have no clue about the job you will perform, nor could they do it. But base their decisions on a set of standardized tests that seem to have recently permeated corporate America.

I seem to be blessed with some very unique talents. But they are offset by my desire for independence, inability to lie, and lack of desire to kiss people's asses unnecessarily. In today's corporate employment scenario, that makes me less attractive than many others. But it is my life long desire to leave this planet with my integrity in tact.
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