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Originally Posted by Aj Mick View Post
There is no substitute for a motorcyclist being attentive.
^^^This above all else. Ride strategically. Adjust the strategy moment to moment as needed.^^^

My thoughts on hi-vis are that while it is no guarantee of being seen by everyone, it is helpful with those who are looking, not the clueless, and there will always be the clueless. It is a tool to be used, but not relied on.

One point not mentioned in the the thread is the nature of camouflage and how it works. The key to effective camo is blending into the background, but a misconception is that the colors are the most important aspect, when the real camo effect relies primarily on breaking up the outline of the person or thing you wish to hide. Reverse the principle to be seen, and you will want to present an unbroken outline. A very broken up and busy hi-vis jacket with patches of black, hi-viis green, etc will not be as effective as a solid h-vis green or possibly even a solid other less visible color like red or blue and in some cases even black. It is definitely something to factor into the equation.

Good thread, good thought provoking info all around.
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