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Originally Posted by joexr View Post
MSF instructors are parking lot experts. Ever heard the saying those who can't do teach? There comes a time when good students surpass their teachers or should.
Wow. I'm a parking lot expert. I can't do, so I teach. Hmmm, I guess those 42 years of riding all over the world don't count for anything. I'd better park my 2013 Hypermotard SP since my lap times are still just a bit short of the track record. While I'm at it I'll submit my resignation and stop writing as the safety editor for a national monthly riding publication. Damn, now I'll also have to give up my job as the manager of a major OEM's on and off-road national riding demonstration teams.

Oh, and obviously by your analysis I'm not qualified to teach sport bike classes either, so I'll hand in my coaching certification while I'm at it.

Here is another idea. Maybe you should actually consider your thoughts before you commit them to an enthusiast forum. Instead of loudly and ignorantly lumping all MSF RiderCoaches together in one broad insult, please recognize that there are varying degrees of ability in and dedication to this profession, just like any other. One more thought: Until you try it, don't even begin to think that (properly) teaching someone to ride a motorcycle is easy.

BTW, the correct syntax is "Those who can't do, teach." At least get that part right next time.

I apologize for the slight thread hijack. We now return you to your originally scheduled program. Have a nice day.
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