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Originally Posted by OCRider View Post
Hey Sal,
I spent about 10 years working in and around the bay area. There is nothing inexpensive about the place. I really don't know what all the fuss is about. It's crowded, traffic sucks (whoever the highway engineers were should be strung up by there nu* sac*s), The only good weather there is about this time of year. If your hell bent to the area, I worked for and became good friends with an engineer at Genentech and he lived in Novato. Nice area. I spent most of my free time in Santa Cruz. San Jose sucked. I think you should just focus on your time away from work and come live back down here in Orange County so you enjoy some riding time with Paul, Henry, John and me. Then you could commute via Southworst airlines. SFO is right there in south San Fran. Oh yeah. Be careful, those uppity types there on the peninsula don't much care for folks referring to their dear city as San Fran, Frisco of any other abbreviated nomenclature. If you want to stroke their precious little ego's and do your best to fit in, then the proper endearment is "The City". After spending several months up there and upon hearing this term, I just had to step out there. I was out to dinner with some friends over in Emeryville and asked our cute little waitress where in the area we might go find an ice cream? She proceeded to explain how she was from "The City" and if we were in "The City" then she could tells us just where to go, but since we weren't in "The City" then she really could not help us. So I simply exclaimed how I had heard all these people talking about "The City" and how this must be some mystical magical place like the Wizard of Oz, would she be so kind as to tell exactly where " The City" is. She promptly turn and walked away mumbling something under her breath, I think about where I could go.

I would love to move back to the OC!
I guess I'll give it a shot up there and see if my job will allow me to move to the OC.
I'll look up Novato.
And definitely if I move back to the states I'll come south to ride with you guys once again!
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