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Originally Posted by pvangel View Post
Flugs right....
I can get a lot of mileage out of this quote...

How about Malcom Stewart giving the Cooper Webb a nice shove for taking him out, can't say I blame him he deserved it.

I stopped by Barnes & Noble today to grab a Racer X mag. I saw a copy of Cycle World, it has shrunk to the size of a comic book. Smaller and very thin. Wow.

A nice info pic on the Red Bull Straight Rhythm event.

It was held on McGraths ranch near San Diego.

2600 feet long.

100 obstacles on the track.

25 feet wide.

45 seconds for those who rode it to get from one end to the other.

1000 truckloads of dirt.

3 weeks 2000 man hours to build.

1 week to tear it down.

Also noted in the new MXA mag that Mexico gets a round of the World Championship series.
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