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If you want to ride a motorcycle seriously off road, it is an excellent fitness and training tool.

Too many peole far underestimate the physical fitness needed to ride a motorcycle off road at anything other than a trail ride pace. Myself, I get tired of the people who throw money at a motorcycle thinking that alone is all they need to ride fast even though they are completely out of shape.

I grew up in a very rural area and rode a MTB everywhere until I got a dirt bike, then forgot about MTBs until my late twenties. I now enjoy riding a MTB more than ever.

I have rode MTBs with a lot of people and very few ride motorcycles off road also. The people who also ride motorcycles off road are typically better MTB riders. I know I have rode MTB's with people younger and in better shape than me, but could'nt stay up with me because I have more experience with greater speeds off road from riding a motorcycle. With MTB's there is no faking fitness or skill. The current MTB trend is full suspension, because people think it will make them faster; it doesn't. Riding a full suspension MTB where it isn't a benefit actually makes riders slower, but hey, they cost more and look cool so they must be faster, everywhere. Obviously that doesn't apply to actual racers, but there are a lot of people who like to pretend.

Riding both is a great compliment to either for enhancing your abilities. The MTB will increase your fitness level and the motorcycle will help with judging terrain at speed.

I have acess to many more single track MTB trails than motorcycle single track.

When I got back on a MTB, I started riding at a level I never considered and my technical skills have really grown. When on a motorcycle now, riding off road is much easier.

Last year I even bought a trials unicycle. I bought it mainly for fitness because they are much more physically demadning than a MTB and strengthen core muscles. I have only been riding it on pavement, but I want to work up to riding single track with it.
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