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Originally Posted by Tim McKittrick View Post
I concur- on our track the first turn at the end of the back straight can be entered at about 130 mph- it's a left flick followed by a right and you scrub speed as you enter but don't brake. Do it correctly and you are set up for the next left. It takes all of my strength to muscle my Honda RS250 through those turns at pace, and that's a machine that only weighs 250 pounds. I apply enough countersteering force that the handgrips (renthal soft) wear out each season as do the palms of my gloves.
Well, the front wheel is a big gyroscope that doesn't want to change direction; the faster the bike goes, the faster the wheel spins, the more force it takes to make it change direction.

Oregon crash stats show it is a relatively rare occurrence where a rider gets into a situation where the bike couldn't make it- it's their own ability they run out of, long before the bike's ability.
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