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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
the CBS spectacular was interesting. hard to imagine farming out a 14 year old because you THINK he can be a pro. seems a bit of living in a dream world to send the kid away with both parents staying home, can't say that I concur with that approach.
Originally Posted by skwidd View Post
I've seen more than one divorce well into the program before payoff.

3 hours to play 18 holes today, all of the posers and parolees were at home or at the bar.
Flug you wouldn't believe how over the top it is....and it starts at the 50 level, if the kid's brain isn't fried by the time he ages out of the 65 class it's a minor miracle.

Too many talented riders (and to skwidd's point - marriages) have been ruined by overzealous moto-parents, rarely do they ever return to the sport.
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