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Originally Posted by PT Rider View Post
Not exactly. Countersteering is the way to handle the centrifugal forces of the turn. The bike doesn't have to lean to turn, but it must lean to handle the centrifugal force.

The poor alternative is for the rider to shift body weight to the inside of the turn direction to handle limited centrifugal force (not hanging off, but an unconscious shoulder lean), then steer the bike around the turn. This works but is very limiting. This is one good reason why, "the bike can't make the turn."
Hi PT,
What caught my eye in your post were the words "the poor alternative is for the rider to shift body weight" and the the bike "must lean to handle the centrifugal force".

The most effective way to get a high-speed motorcycle around a fast corner is to significantly shift body weight to the inside corner, and keep the bike as upright as possible. Every professional racer does it, and its my observation that few road riders do it.

Here's a couple of video's from professionals being paid to give the same advice. As both are track day classes they place a lot of emphasis on traction, but for road riders the greater ability to turn easier, change a line in a turn, not drag pegs, improved braking, etc, etc are all reasons to do it. It's no good picking yourself up out of the dirt saying I should have done it. It has to be continually practiced so its second nature going into every fast turn.

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