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Lot's of good info on this thread. I too found that a little "hang off" (not moving my butt, just my head and upper body to the inside of the turn) not only started the counter-steer process without much conscious thought but made my cornering a lot smoother.

Only "tip" that I know which I haven't seen mentioned yet is to tilt your head so your eyes remain parallel to the road surface. Big help for most of us in not getting disoriented and thus panicked.

Two other pieces of advice which have worked well for me: 1. keep your speed down at first and 2. only add one or two additional technics per ride, building on the basics of setting your entry speed, picking your turn point, staying on the throttle and looking through the turn. For most of us, it takes time to make a new technic a reliable habit. If you find you are no faster but MORE RELAXED AND SMOOTHER, then that is a good technic for you.

I believe it was David Hough who stated something like "there are no emergency maneuvers you can call on in a real emergency. Good PRACTICED riding habits may well save your bacon." And trying to always get a little better has its own satisfactions.
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