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Originally Posted by BCKRider View Post
I too found that a little "hang off" (not moving my butt, just my head and upper body to the inside of the turn) not only started the counter-steer process without much conscious thought but made my cornering a lot smoother.

I believe it was David Hough who stated something like "there are no emergency maneuvers you can call on in a real emergency. Good PRACTICED riding habits may well save your bacon." And trying to always get a little better has its own satisfactions.
Hi BC,
Can I recommend you progress to moving you butt. To do this effortlessly you need to ride with the balls of your feet on the pegs if not already doing it. Just ride along in a straight line and shift you butt half way across the seat, and drop you shoulder and knee on that side, what happens? The bike just starts to turn in that direction....... magic!!

Is interesting you used said shifting your body weight "not only started the counter-steer process without much conscious thought but made my cornering a lot smoother". If I knew I wasn't going to get 10,000 posts telling me I don't know what I'm talking about, I'd be saying the counter-steering discussion is to a large degree counter productive. It's because its made out as the be-all-end-all when it isn't, and if you correctly body shift its virtually impossible to not counter-steer even if you've never heard the term.

Another interesting observation is no one ever discussed suspension setup in a topic like "the bike just wouldn't make the turn". In fact its hardly ever discussed on motorcycle forums, period. Doesn't it strike anyone as unusual that pro-riders obsess with suspension settings to make a bike handle, yet the average road rider seems hardly concerned at all. More interested in the brand of oil to use. The difference in handling between a correctly set up bike and one probably unchanged in how it came from the dealer, is like night and day.

Just got to excuse me, have to chuck another log on the fire...............
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