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Originally Posted by MotoTex View Post
I think he meant this literally as an alternative to counter-steering. Trying to use weight shift to steer the bike, instead of counter-steering, IS a poor alternative. This is the primary reason many riders miss the turn and later believe "the bike just wouldn't make the turn."

A quick read through the counter-steering threads would find just how many vehemently argue (wrongly) that initiating a turn with weight shift is just as effective as counter-steering. As you point out above, it is almost impossible to steer with weight shift without making counter-steering inputs at the bars. However, I'd wager that some riders trying to weight shift might actually fight the turn by counter-counter-steering at the bars as a fear reflex. Mostly because they don't understand that they have to drive wheels out from under the CG on the side that is away from the turn they want to make, and inevitably will not.

This has nothing to do with shifting body position to prevent hard parts from dragging at steep lean angles. (something only those who already grasp the use and benefit of counter-steering will employ as a technique)
Sliding around on the seat to shift body weight is an excellent way to lose control or fall off the bike. I just move the handlebars and keep my feet up. Keeping it simple aids in faster reactions.
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