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Originally Posted by Jim Moore View Post
Being the pilot of a low power machine (but a good handler) gets me a lot of symbolic pats on the head from riders on large high powered machines who often have less experience riding. It is quite annoying. What is not obvious is that being on an old scooter I am often hotrodding around, conserving momentum, preparing for hills, running at redline, and countersteering vigorously. Evasive maneuvers when I am faced with the clumsy and inattentive driving of others fits right in with the kind of energy that is required to keep a vintage scooter in play on modern roads. When it comes to turning, nothing tips the bike over more reliably than turning the front wheel. I am always sitting with weight on the handlebars, thinking in terms of the front wheel. Shifting weight, changing from left to right buttock, this kind of tactic doesn't work when I want to change direction quickly. I am not a fancy rider. I keep my body in line with the bike, lean exactly with it, work the handlebars and keep my feet off the road. As luck would have it, I am usually close to the posted speed limits, so my maneuvers are made with reasonable reaction time and can be occasionally creative. I had a large motorcycle for a while but got rid of it because it was heavy, fast, and infinitely powerful, and I felt strongly I would get killed on it.
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