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We read many different reports about travel in Morocco, so we were mentally prepared for this country and did not wait the European sleeky, clarity and accuracy. It's like another planet with its own culture, rules and way of life. Yes, there is a lot of dirt, garbage, sanitation, medinas filled with flavor of excrement, a lot of the poor people, all the time someone is trying to get your money. But on the other hand, there is absolutely stunning nature, architecture, delicious food, and people turn out to be very friendly and interesting to talk to. After a few days, you start to understand some details of existence in this Arab country, and it becomes much easier. But personally, we could not stand there for more than 9 days, too much contrast and want back to civilization. But after some time, realizing all experienced and seen, you understand that you want to return to Morocco once or twice ...

So, civilized Spain. We spent the night in resort Malaga and early in the morning went to Granada. A beautiful city with delicious cakes piononos, friendly police and the Alhambra - a famous Moorish palace-fortress with magnificent gardens.

Most of the next day we spent on the mountain serpentines of the National Park of Sierra Nevada.

And the remainder of the day - in resort Almeria.

The next day we went to Cape Cabo de Gato, belongs to the natural reserve of the same name. We decided to drive to the sea and make a staged photo. After the below video, the time for fitness came for us, during 1 hour .....

There was desolate countryside, and a few gentle Spaniards, which we stopped, simply refused to help us: cyclists referred to the fact that in their super cool sneakers can not walk on the sand, and the car driver said that in his snow-white shirt can not engage in any physical labor. I think, during the whole hour that we dug / pushed our FVR, the whole Spanish nation strongly hiccuped!

But the beauty of Cape Cabo de Gato radically changed our bad mood.

Cartagena. This ancient port town is famous for its ancient archaeological sites, maritime museum and fine examples of urban architecture. We really liked how in Cartagena retain the appearance of the old town: the old, ramshackle house demolished, leaving only one front wall and then build out to it a new home. Honest, we saw this for the first time.

In Alicante we stopped for an hour, seeing famous seafront Esplanade with a mosaic pavement, had lunch and drove on.

From the motorway we saw a huge monument of human stupidity: in Benidorm town built 47 storey house, which is the tallest residential building in Europe, but they forgot to make an elevator! Construction had to be completed in December 2013, but they say that only 35% apartments were sold. Perhaps, the buyers of apartments composed in a Society of Spanish climbers.

Valencia met us heat, traffic jams and the lack available places in the five hotels located in the center. Also, discharged battery in the foto-camera. We decided to look for accommodation outside the city.

In a small, quiet town we had a two day stay at the beach.

Last day in Spain we decided to spend in Barcelona, ​​which we liked so much on last year's trip. As usual, Barcelona boils fun, festival-concert-tourist life.

After such a contrast Morocco, where the landscape is constantly changing, the shape of houses and the materials from which they are constructed, the clothes ofpeople (especially women), the road through the south of Spain seemed to us quite boring, not so rich colors like in Morocco. The only thing that the more we removed from the African continent towards France, the more everything becomes green around.
We got through France for the day, with a stops for sightseeing in Nīmes

and Eze.

We spent the night in Cannes and in the morning went to the Italian Piacenza, to visit Helge, who has already returned from Morocco. How we were happy to see him! And we had a great time at his home.

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