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Originally Posted by henshao View Post
Most of it I suspect is target fixation. it is really hard to not look at the shit you're going to run into. Coming into a turn if you have even a hint of doubt your eyes will snap to that guardrail, tree, parked car, whatever. That is unless you've made that turn millions of times or you can fight your eyes to where they belong, the inside edge.
I had this happen to me once. Came into a turn a little hot and my monkey brain fixated on the mailbox dead ahead on the outside of the apex. Lo and behold, the bike started to head straight for that mailbox mounted on the sturdy 4"x4" post.

Fortunately the trained part of my brain screamed "Look through the turn!!!" I turned my head to look through the turn and the bike magically turned right through the curve, easy-peasy. I missed the mailbox by a mile.

I am glad I took training classes that drilled "look through the turn" into my brain. Without them I expect I would have watched the bike roll straight into that mailbox with me on board for the fun.
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