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I camped out near the White Wash sand dunes. There were flashes of lightning all night and it showered a few times. This was the last day of rain for Utah. For breakfast I thought I could quickly take trails north into Green River. The gravel roads were okay but as soon as I jumped onto the ATV track I had trouble. I barely made it up this hill:

I made my way northwards struggling in the softer sections. Coming across a high ridge I could see a river sparkling below. I thought it must be the Green River, but it didn’t fit looking at the map on my GPS. Hmmm…that’s odd… there shouldn’t even be a river there! Five minutes later I come to this:

It was flowing swiftly. The banks were soft and my feet sank in so quickly I almost got stuck. It was actually hazardous. I scouted up and down the wash but couldn’t find a fording spot. I tried moving east a few miles but ran into the same wash-at that point I could see the traffic on I-70! At that point I gave up and headed back south. I made it back to my truck at 1:30- which made for a 5 hour morning ride, sans breakfast!

These are some pics from rest of the day:

to be cont'd
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