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Originally Posted by lfs225 View Post
Considering all the problems (or lack therein considering your point of view) you had with the BMW, not the least of which was the new engine right from the start, would you choose another brand of motorcycle if you were to consider doing it all again?

Would you consider a different sequence of countries in hindsight?
Always seems to be a question. First. There is NO perfect motorcycle. On any big journey you can have problems. That is just life. (and BMW did the right thing, covered the full new engine and replacement even though it cost me some time. Cannot really ask for much more based on the situation) As far as the bike choice brand and model. It was overall a good choice for me, but personally I could have done it on almost any brand. BMW has a good worldwide network of dealers everywhere, that cannot be said for all other brands. I loved my time in India on the Royal Enfield, even with it's breakdowns.... Was simpler way to ride. When I get to SE asia for some riding, my plan is to get rent or buy a local small bike as it will be enough for those areas. in the end it is a matter of personal choice and there is no "right" answer.

As far as sequence or countries visited. hummm. Part of my adventure was just being out on the road exploring. I did not get to everyplace I though I would, but enjoyed everything I did experience. Again no right answer. My mid journey trip to India was high on my personal priority list, so flying there from South America was a bit of added costs, but for me, well worth it!! and I was able to put together the logistics to be there at the right weather time of year! Certainly would not be the most efficient way to do this.

Hope that answers your questions!
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