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Originally Posted by scootrboi View Post
Sliding around on the seat to shift body weight is an excellent way to lose control or fall off the bike. I just move the handlebars and keep my feet up. Keeping it simple aids in faster reactions.
Shifting your weight, or "weighting the peg" as it's commonly referred to is a very important turning technique. You seem to be confusing it with hanging off. These are TWO SEPARATE techniques. The first allows the bike to turn in quicker, the other is to give you more lean angle. I do the first all the time on the street and on the track, I only do the second on the track. Now of course there are two methods for weighting the peg. For street riding you weight the inside peg, for dirt riding you weight the outside peg. If you are falling off from shifting your weight, then you probably shouldn't even WALK without wearing protective gear and a helmet.
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