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Originally Posted by PT Rider View Post
No, but try this...very carefully. When riding pretty slowly, just steer to turn. Steer left to turn left. You'll feel very tentative and have to move your upper body to the inside to counterbalance the centrifugal force. Try this too fast, and you'll end up in the weeds. Really poor way to ride, and it's all some riders know...or think they know.

I'm not sure about target fixation. Yes, it certainly is real, but it is presuming that a rider actually knows how to turn their bike if they'd only look where they need to go, not where they're about to go. If the rider doesn't know how to turn his bike, it doesn't matter where he looks.
I also think target fixation is overused .I believe in a lot of cases with new or lower skilled riders that they don't realize that they are countersteering when they ride because it happens naturally. Then in a situation they aren't prepared for they "think" about what they're about to do and their mind says turn right to go right or vice versa and they head straight for what they want to miss.
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