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Originally Posted by MotoTex View Post
A quick read through the counter-steering threads would find just how many vehemently argue (wrongly) that initiating a turn with weight shift is just as effective as counter-steering. As you point out above, it is almost impossible to steer with weight shift without making counter-steering inputs at the bars. However, I'd wager that some riders trying to weight shift might actually fight the turn by counter-counter-steering at the bars as a fear reflex.
Hi MT,
And why after thousands and thousands of posts debating weigh-shift v's counter steering does the debate continue? The reason is because both work. You can steer a motorcycle with no hands on the bars at all. A heavy muffler on one side of a bike will make it turn that way rather than run straight with no hands on the bars.

Counter-steering works. So what not utilise an appropriate technique that shift the centre of gravity and automatically induces counter-steering.
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