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Originally Posted by JohnCW View Post
Hi MT,
And why after thousands and thousands of posts debating weigh-shift v's counter steering does the debate continue? The reason is because both work. You can steer a motorcycle with no hands on the bars at all. A heavy muffler on one side of a bike will make it turn that way rather than run straight with no hands on the bars.

Counter-steering works. So what not utilise an appropriate technique that shift the centre of gravity and automatically induces counter-steering.
Well put!

To complicate things, weight-shift also steers first by counter-steering the front wheel so as to move the contact patch in a way that persuades the CG toward falling into the turn.

Both methods utilize the same principle, only one is direct about it and the other more ponderous while reaching the same end.

Take a bike you don't mind dropping and push it forward from the rear (no hands on the bars), then lean it gently to the left (weight-shift) and watch closely as the front wheel initially steers right, inviting the CG to fall further left, before following the lean into a like path through the turn.

For a bike to lean the contact patch must be driven out from underneath it. Whether this happens by intent (active counter-steering) or comes by surprise (belief in weight-shift being "another" way) is no matter. The same cause-effect relationship exists.

For convenience let's just call these methods conscious and unconscious counter-steering.

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