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Originally Posted by farmerstu View Post
shifting your ass off the seat is fine when setting up for a known corner or preplanned maneuver. if this if the way you handle every maneuver sooner or later it will end badly. shifting yourself around takes a lot more time to do than a yank on the bars. when a car pulls out in front of you , it's time you may not have.
first learn to ride correctly. than learn to ride fast, best on the track doesn't mean best on the street. that includes mental attitude and where you look.
"First learn to ride correctly" - Curious as to a definition of the 'correct' way to ride a motorcycle? Is a beginner, intermediate, of advanced technique the 'correct' way? Did anyone ever say just immediately become an advanced rider? It's a journey, but if you don't know the end goal how are you ever going to progress.

"shifting your ass off the seat is fine when setting up for a known corner or preplanned maneuver" - Ever corner I go around is a 'preplanned maneuver'. If its isn't for others, I suggest you reconsider your mindset.

But only to be used on a 'known corner'? In practice this statement is saying that weight-shifting has no place on a public road, and only the track. The very fact that I'm riding on unknown roads, of unknown standard that can change in an instant, sharing it with idiots, etc. etc. etc. is the very reason I want to always be in a position to have maximum control over the motorcycle.

You've never gone into a sharp corner to be suddenly faced with an expected tightening radius turn? If you are already in an advanced riding position, are in the right gear, and have a well handling motorcycle, you should expect to handle this unexpected situation. Half way around a corner, dragging a peg (which will force you to run wide) is not the time to be thinking maybe I should have listened to that guy on ADV.

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