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Rather that write pages on the advantages of the advanced riding technique of correct weight shifting on the road, why don't I just simply explain the basics of the technique and people can go judge for themselves.

Sitting at your computer, feet on the floor pretending your in a riding position, hands on the imaginary bars out in front. Comfortable?

Now dip your left shoulder forward and down (we're turning left), and observe what your hands naturally do. If your left hand didn't naturally go forward (counter-steering) you've got a serious spinal problem. Why spend thousands of hours debating counter-steering theory, when all you have to do is tell someone to dip the inner shoulder down and forward into a turn. Try dipping your left shoulder in the same manner, and push your right hand forward. Pretty dam hard to do isn't it?

Now using the balls of your feet, push up enough to just take your weight and slide 2 inches across the chair to the left. Pretty easy? Now combine both the arse shift with the shoulder dip, moving arse then shoulder. Careful, I've been told you'll fall of the chair unless your an expert.

Now lift your left foot from its straight ahead position and place the ball of your foot on the end of the imaginary left foot peg. If your knee doesn't now point outward at a 45 degree angle, again you've got a serious spinal problem.

Now put it all together, arse shift, foot pivot, shoulder dip. Really wasn't that hard was it? If you'd have been on a real bike you'd have utilized counter-steering together with a significant shift of the center of gravity, and kept your motorcycle more upright in the turn.

If your interested in being a better rider, now go practice, practice, practice the above technique starting out in very small movements which gradually increase over time till you find your own comfortable limits. If your not interested in utilizing some of the technique used by all the best motorcycle riders in the world for the past 40 years, take absolutely no notice.

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