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Cool bike Gummee! !

I saw a friend tonight who is a racer. He just won a 40+ class regional series in both the Hare Scrambles and Enduro. I asked him about mountain biking and skills carry over. I'll see if I can get him to come here and comment.

His feelings were that mountain biking definitely helped him skill wise in addition to the fitness for racing. He said that during his winning racing season, he increased the amount of mountain biking he was doing. He said that while riding a mountain bike and trying to push fast, he became better at picking the fastest lines because on a mountain bike momentum is everything. He said he definitely felt like this made him faster on the motorcycle in races.
Absolutely the more frequent I was able to ride my mtn bike, the faster I got on my dirt bike. I tried to ride the mtn bike 2 or more times a week and the dirt bike as often as possible between races. The mtn bike training forced me to pick better lines and make momentum your friend. The training also kept your basic skills up like body positioning on the bike, looking through a turn, looking beyond the obstacles or ruts, etc. All of that translated into the dirt bikes whether I was trail riding or racing.
Another side benefit was that at the peak of my mtn bike fitness my leg cramps and arm pump almost disappeared during races. I also noticed that this past winter as my mtn biking frequency slowed down, my dirt bike speed decreased a decent amount. With that decrease in training, my leg cramps and arm pump started coming back which can shut you down during a race.
Not surprisingly, a decent number of the pros are training on mtn bikes to keep up their skills and up their cardio.
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