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This single screen shot of the Service AZ website is the most effective piece of information in this entire discussion. It is not the written statute... but it is clear and explains the difference in the registration options from the states own website. It is in direct conflict with the information given to me three times by MVD staffers regarding when and where OFF HIGHWAY MCs can be ridden.

I was overcharged on 3 street legal dirt bikes based on their definitions of ON & OFF HIGHWAY use. I have street plates AND the OHV sticker on all 3. That will change.

It's hard to have discussions like this when so many have it 70% right (like me)... some just want any excuse to pay the least amount... and others, generally speaking, talk out their ass.

Thanks Jeff for the screen shot... and thanks to a few of you that get it and steered me away from trusting the MVD Coolaid Servers.

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