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Originally Posted by dwoodward View Post
You need to get out more, mate.

First. It's never a factor.
Hardly. Having suspension that isn't right for rider weight can lead to excessive dive on braking, excessive compression in turns leading to dragging parts, changing steering angles, and that ever so lovely feeling of a hinge being in the middle of a bike. Suspension is always a factor, just one most ignore because they don't know any better and think that's just the way the bike is supposed to handle.

Originally Posted by dwoodward View Post
PS- I suggest you go google up "Keith Code No BS bike". Body position is good for improving cornering clearance- which, and I'm repeating myself, is almost never a factor in street crashes- but doesn't really help change direction much.
Agree one hundred percent here.

Hanging off the bike is an advanced technique that is only useful when necessary to compensate for higher speed through the turn by reducing lean angle.

If you aren't damn close to dragging pegs or other hard parts hanging off the seat is completely unnecessary, but looks really cool to the Randy-Racer types who want to impress their friends.

Leaning into the bars might be one teaching technique to help folks who are unable to easily grasp the principles. Doing this is something that happens above the waist and the butt can stay firmly planted and achieve the goal. When I taught, it was push left to go left, done with the arms only. Seemed to get the point across nicely without resorting to any motorcycle gymnastics which are beyond the scope of a basic learning environment.

No need to get the cart before the horse.

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