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Originally Posted by JohnCW View Post
You drop your knee to move the center of gravity inward. Anything that moves the CG inward makes a bike go around the corner easier, especially a big heavy BMW touring bike.
I thought you were going on about hanging out there like a GP racer. My misunderstanding.

That technique IMHO is rarely justified for the majority of routine street riding being done. (repeated speed runs up and down the canyon isn't routine) Hanging it out there probably increases risk in more cases than not. This is due more to the myriad variables found on the street that aren't found on the track where this technique is used to eek out the last bit of performance of man/machine/surface in a tightly controlled environment.

Some get in the habit of being all hung out there and find out just how well an unanticipated gravel patch or errant piece of cardboard, or the surprise of a hot tar snake is dealt with from that precarious position. Whoops, didn't make the turn again.

As for the technique you shared, the weight of either knee moving outward six inches or so is insignificant in relationship to the overall mass of my 500 lb. bike with my 250 lb. carcass on it. On a "big heavy BMW touring bike" it would be even less significant.

If you are doing this as part of shifting weight to the ball of your foot on that peg, then sure, every little bit helps and all. Do you feel this is something a rider having problems turning should focus on first in order to improve their technique?

Would this take priority over practicing a simple weave using the handlebars to increase familiarity with steering inputs?

IMHO what you describe is only helpful as an advanced technique after having mastered the foundational skills. The ones lacking that caused the rider to miss the turn to begin with. Braking, calculating the line, steering the bike, looking through the turn all have to become a practiced skill before adding anything else to fine tune technique with subtleties.

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