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Leaving Ireland, at ferry terminal at Rosslare, Wexford.
All set for the big trip.

In France and we are on the way

Had to stop off at Le Mans, famous for the racing, and the maad 24 Heurs Moto Endurance race week.

Headed on down the west coast of France.
While I think it may be not as scenic as other regions of the country, well... we were on a mission!
Morocco was our aim.

Heading south, yippee!

Overnight in the Basque town of Saint Jean de Luz

Easter weekend and lots of Chocolate surprises!

thats Easter eggs for you, lol

Fuel stop, and as you may guess, we are now in Spain

The city of Salamanca

This was our first taste of Summer and warm blue skies!

Then on we headed, on south, over more stunning Spanish countryside

and lots more Magic Twisty roads

================================================== ===========

Anyways... ...

...what's that they say about: "the rain in Spain, falls mainly on the plain..." ?

Well, it seems our trip coincided with the wettest, coldest spring for both France and Spain.

In France on our arrival from the ferry, we were told the main route from Cherbourg towards Paris was snowbound for two days, only a week before we had set off!

In many Spanish cities and towns, floods caused havoc for many unfortunate families.

Not many 'Rays' for these Solar Arrays to catch:

Ahh, sure it must be the luck of the Irish, eh?
Years of planning, and we hit a '100 years' storm, lol.

================================================== ===========

Now we cross yet more Spanish mountains.
The country seems to be mainly mountains, woohoo!
Fantastic country for biking, definitely on my list for a (longer) return visit.

In the city of Malaga we stop to meet friends, and head off to a local tyre shop to get some TKC 80's fitted.

Vargas Tyres in Malaga, we praise them big time.
Great service, and held tourance tyres for return trip too.

Now we are all set for the Sahara!

================================================== ===========
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