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Just ran by the MVD to test out what we are talking about...
Went to MVD office near Chandler and I-10.
Had to wait to get a number.
Told the guy who was giving out the numbers that "I need to transfer title from another state, get registered, and perhaps buy an OHV decal". He said the person at the desk will help me when my number is called.
Waited about 30 minutes...It's late in the day and this particular office is always busy.

Get called to the window, politely introduce myself, and say "I would like to transfer title, get registered, and perhaps buy an OHV decal". Without a hitch, the guy at the desk whipped out the form linked earlier and said I had a choice of registration. I asked which one to select, and he said to pick the one that best described what I will be doing. I pick "Primarily off road, with some street". He then states I will get an MC plate, will have to carry insurance, and the vehicle must comply with the equipment standards for running on road. He then gives me an estimate of what it will cost before confirming that I want to proceed. During the title work, he asks me if I know the MSRP of my bike because he can not find it. Being a prepared person, I show him the list price on my phone. He says if I decide to register on road only, my fees would be higher based upon the depreciated value of the vehicle. A few minutes later, I have a new title, plate, and all the stickers for the sum of $32.00 (that was the out the door price including my title transfer). I am fully legal on any interstate, road, or trail.

After the transaction, I thank the gentleman for his excellent customer service and then let him know who I am and who I work for. He smiles thanks me and says, "Well you know all about this then."


If you go to a MVD office, be polite. If the person you are dealing with is not familiar with the process, ask for additional assistance. We are all human afterall. The folks at the MVD are not out to get you. I've brought them complicated title issues like a trailer imported from Africa, going thru the process of salvage/restored titles, and have had to deal with theft recovery title stuff in my personal dealings with the MVD. It hasn't always been a smooth transaction, but when the going gets rough, you smile act like a professional, and get what you need in the end.

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